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Xanthoria without jam tarts?

Observed: 1st January 2010 By: miked
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MG 6115

Looks like the very common Xanthoria parietina but is more leafy with long leafy lobes and has no apothecia.
It was growing on an exposed cliff top location by the sea


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Meant to add to the 'Notes'

Meant to add to the 'Notes' that Xanthoria aureola is usually coastal but couldn't edit them

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Thanks very much, it just had

Thanks very much, it just had something about it that was different to the normal X. parietina.
Its a bit confusing in the Dobson book as just above X. ectaneoides the picture looks rather different to this but I now see that picture is of X. candelaria and there is no photo of X. ectaneoides, should read the text more carefully!