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Strikingly Marked Fly

Observed: 7th July 2011 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebrates

I presume this is a Hover-fly but which, I have no idea. I can't find anything in Chinery this strongly marked.
'T was beside the Vienne river in La Belle France.

  • Solitary bee (Anthidium Sp)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Certainly not a hoverfly, as it has very long antennae. It looks like a species of bee, but someone else will give you a closer idea..


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it belongs to the tribe Anthidiini, a close relative of Anthidium manicatum which is found in the UK. I don't know the French species well enough tosay which one

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See what you mean

Thanks, David, I see some strong similarities, the shape of the tip of the abdomen as well as colouration.


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Anthidium species

Just adding my agreement - less than 30 species of Anthidium in the Med I think but all rather similar... Lovely pic!