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Xanthoria parietina

Observed: 14th July 2011 By: Lough Derg 36

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Foliose orange lichen:

Foliose orange lichen: Xanthoria parietina
Large white lobes to the right: Ramalina, not 100% sure which one
Thin bluish-white lobes: Ramalina farinacea

This is a useful starter key to lichens on twigs, branches and tree trunks that you might find helpful:

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Thank you, Jenny, they were

Thank you, Jenny, they were so profuse I could not even begin to ID them. All 9 photos were taken within a few meters of each other. In a few trees beside Terryglass harbour. Hope they dont cut them down to 'tidy up' the area.

Lough Derg 36

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I agree with Jenny

Two species of Ramalina in the photograph, though for simplicity I have agreed with the Xanthoria determination (the yellow one). Apparently no Evernia present.