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Another Hoverfly?

Observed: 19th July 2011 By: CXW89CXW89’s reputation in InvertebratesCXW89’s reputation in InvertebratesCXW89’s reputation in Invertebrates
DSCF0036 (2)

Large Fly, Approx 25mm length, Red legs, Yellow face, Pattens on wings, Patch on back appeared blue in dim light
Observed on a cloudy day resting shortly on a Red Currant bush

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Volucella inanis

This is V. inanis - they can be tricky to tell apart, but there was a useful article in the Hoverfly Recording Scheme newsletter by David Iliff some years ago pointing out that the most consistent topside difference is in the size and shape of the spots on tergite 2 (the first visible segment of the abdomen, nearest the thorax). In V. zonaria the spots are further forward, leaving a wider black band behind them, and the spots have curved hind edges in zonaria, whereas in V. inanis the spots are squarer and leave a narrower black band behind them.

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Thanks for the tip Martin

I stand corrected!