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Observed: 17th July 2011 By: Jeff RothwellJeff Rothwell’s reputation in MammalsJeff Rothwell’s reputation in MammalsJeff Rothwell’s reputation in Mammals
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A sad reflection on our species.

I look at this picture and think what it says about us. We've introduced rabbits to vast areas of the planet and they've caused devastation. The worst example being Australia - as by then we pretty well knew what could happen but went ahead and did it anyway.

Then as if that particular example of ignorant behaviour wasn't enough, we introduce myxomatosis. This disease kills rabbits in a spectacularly nasty way, taking on average 14 days to do so.


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Looks in poor general

Looks in poor general condition eye looks swollen, sight probably affected, almost certainly suffering from myxomatosis, a viral infection (pox type virus) of rabbits causing large pustules of the head and genital areas.Common and spread by blood sucking insects particularly fleas . First found in Britain Circa 1952 This specimen looks unlikely to survive long

Alan Edwards

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I sometimes see rabbits suffering in this way on the Downs in my area. How prevalent is this disease?