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Ladybird larvae

Observed: 11th June 2009 By: richard
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I've now been put right about this actually being a ladybird, thankyou :-)

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Looks more like a ladybird

Looks more like a ladybird larva to me, also not sure there are many glow worms in MK but i may be wrong.

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7-spot ladybird larva

I agree, this is a ladybird larva. The two sets of red stripes indicate it is most likely a 7-spot ladybird. You can find excellent ladybird guides for both adult and larvae at:

Whilst there why not participate in the survey, we need to know what is happening with ladybirds, especially with the influx of Harlequin ladybirds (Harmonia axyridis), an agressive species from Asia. It is much larger and eats all the aphids - good for gardeners, bad for native ladybirds! Worse, once it has eaten the aphids it starts on ladybird larvae and even adults.

Graham Banwell

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7 spot larvae

There are a lot of these around at the moment. The harlequin larvae are bigger and darker.

Rob Coleman