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Long-spined Sea-scorpion

Observed: 30th January 2010 By: Jeff BlincowJeff Blincow’s reputation in FishJeff Blincow’s reputation in FishJeff Blincow’s reputation in Fish
Long-spined Sea-scorpion
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Colour Variations ?

I remember catching one of these (at least I think it was)by accident, about fourty years ago, with a hand line, from the dock in Malaig harbour. In those days herring were still fairly plentiful, and you could catch any number of small ones simply by dropping a line off the harbour dock. I hardly had to wait more than a couple of minutes before I caught one fish after another, quite a treat for a small child. I hadn't had a bite for about ten mins, so thought I must have lost my bait. Looking down into the water, I could see what apeared to be a dead fish, floating on the surface below me, and when I pulled my line in the fish came with it.
It proved to be very much alive and caused quite a bit of interest.
I was told that it was a "Sea Scorpion", but I do remember that although it very much resembeled the fish in this picture, it was much darker, and greenish in colour.
I don't know much about these creatures, and wonder if they do vary widely in colour, or if it might not have been the same species ?

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Colour variation

The book "Marine fish and invertebrates of Northern Europe" describes this species as appearing in a wide variety of colours, varying according to surroundings. This is the species that you would normally find in rock-pools. However, the Short-spined Sea-scorpion Myxocephalus scorpius lives further down the shore and is tricky to ID. As you caught yours off the harbour dock it could be either.