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A sea fish

Observed: 30th June 2011 By: lalows2lalows2’s reputation in Fish
Which species of fish?

A small sea fish approx 9 inches long (<25cm). Not much of it left but what a set of teeth. not sure if it's in the Cod family (do they have teeth like this?) or something quite ddifferent.


No identification made yet.

Species interactions

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After much googling I now

After much googling I now think it's a small Hake but still very open to other suggestions

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I looked at hake too, but they have two rows of teeth on the lower jaw (one on the upper) which doesn't look to be the case here - also I think the mouth of the hake is larger relative to the head. No idea what it actually is though, nor whether young hake have different dentition...


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I'd say it was a young

I'd say it was a young Whiting, they have a pretty impressive set of teeth (made more visible here due to post mortem changes).