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Ladybird Pupa about to be predated by a Bug

Observed: 3rd July 2011 By: DryopithecusDryopithecus’s reputation in Invertebrates
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A black-spotted yellow pupa is apparently being attacked by a red bug. These are the same two insects as in my other post under Bugs(Heteroptera), but this time I want to know the species of the ladybird pupa.

Species interactions

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Species with which 7-spot Ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata) interacts


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That is unfortunate

I was hoping the pupa might be a Harlequin!

The area is quite close to where I live, so I shall revisit it occasionally & see if I can spot any more such attacks, in the hope that I may find some where the victim is a harlequin.