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Dead animal found on beach

Observed: 9th July 2011 By: darthtong

Found on a rocky beach, Shell Island, Wales. Had no recognisable head, the head section was being eaten by all sorts of beach dwelling animals.

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Young grey seal

This is a young (less than three weeks old) pup, probably a new born. Note the pale, long hair; only the grey seal has the cute white, fluffy pups, common seals give birth to pups which look like miniatures of themselves. This is because common seal pups have to be able to swim within the length of one tide from being born, whilst grey seal pups stay on the beach for 10-20 days, the length between Spring tides.

This may be the pup of a first time mother, they sometimes pup in places where they can not look after thier pups.

Graham Banwell

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