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Indian Balsam?

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Indian Balsam
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Alternative common name

Also known as Himalayan Balsam. It is an invasive weed becoming very common along UK river banks. Its vigorous growth and aggressive seed dispersal means that many native plants can't compete. In addition, the sweet sickly smell and high nectar content of its flowers attracts insects to pollinate it perhaps in preference to the native species around.

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Nikkidev is right -

about it being invasive. If you only have a few plants, it is worth (assuming you have permission) uprooting them and hanging them somewhere off the ground (otherwise they re-root from the nodes on the stem). Otherwise they will soon dominate the area.

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Thanks, I must say I have

Thanks, I must say I have noticed this in a few places along riverbanks, but not in my locality, so I will keep watchful eye from now.