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Wasps nest invader

Observed: 16th July 2011 By: Bzerka
Giant Wotsit

I would describe this creature as giant sized. At first I thought it was a Hornet, a closer look made me realise it was something i'd never seen before.Interestingly,we have a wasps nest in our garden, and I watched it fly from spot to spot getting nearer the nest until it landed just below the entrance. I watched single wasps come and go out of the hole when suddenly,to my surprise three wasps returned at the same time and the 'giant' with a show of speed that it hadn't shown before and in a way that looked quite sinister, followed them into the entrance. I waited awhile, but saw nothing else. The wasps continued to come and go as normal.

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The larvae of these hoverflies are scavengers in the nests of social wasps, hence this female was entering the nest to lay its eggs.

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Well you live and learn.

Well you live and learn. I only knew of the tiny wasp like Hoverfly. Volucella zonaria it definitely was. Here is a link to a better picture.

An ultra speedy and accurate response.

Thank you.