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Possible plant virus on jostaberry

Observed: 12th July 2011 By: RainbowRainbow’s reputation in Plants
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Jostaberry (hybrid of gooseberry and blackcurrant) has thread-like traces on some leaves. Is it a virus, and if so, should I destroy the plant? I can't find any info about it in our fruit books.


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It doesn't look particulary

It doesn't look particulary viral to me. From the photo it looks more like a mite, such as a leaf miner mite, eating the inside of the leaf. I wouldn't destroy the plant yet it doesn't look very severe.

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aphid damage

I have the same on my jostaberry, but I think it comes from aphid damage on the young leaves. My red currant is practically destoryed by currant aphids, but I think the resistance of jostaberry means that the aphids don't last long when the leaves get bigger. Only this scarring is left. Certainly not viral damage.