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Reuben's bug

Observed: 14th July 2011 By: kittycox
reuben's bug

2cm, very active winged bug with long black antennae and beautiful markings - black w pink spots

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no picture!

I can't be sure without a picture but it might be a burnet moth belonging to the genus Zygaena?

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This is amazing - this is the

This is amazing - this is the first time I've used this site and with seconds here you are replying! I tried to add a picture - I'll try again. Many thanks, Kitty

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very rare bug!!!!

yes - a burnet moth - but is it as rare as it seems to be on google???

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some rare some not

There are a handful of species in the uk of which the 6-spot burnet is the commonest, though no less attractive for that.

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UKmoths website

If you are new to moths you may be interested to look at:

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6spot burnet

This burnet is common throughout Britain, other burnets are more localised.