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Observed: 13th July 2011 By: mike.shewring
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5-6cm long 2 cm diameter. Lots of Invert/beetle and blackberry.

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Interesting. I have seen

Interesting. I have seen similar deposits around the Inverness area and had no idea what they were.

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I would say these are far too small to be fox. Other animals will feed on insects at the right time of the year including hedgehogs, stoats and weasels.

However, I am not seeing anything which could rule out a bird pellet such as little owl which specialise in eating invertebrates.

The trouble is the droppings are too old and broken up to confidently identify, sorry.

Graham Banwell

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Hi Graham,

I ruled out bird as the deposit was on the lower rung of style and as such would be an unusual perch.....