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Unknown small tree

Observed: 13th July 2011 By: MrGMrG’s reputation in PlantsMrG’s reputation in PlantsMrG’s reputation in Plants
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Previously posted this last September but without much luck - see It has now flowered but I still don't know what it is.
Small tree with long droopy shoots very close to trunk. Dark green, saw-toothed, alternate leaves and small fruit shaped like a propeller with 5 blades (photo from 31/08/10). Evergreen. Pitted grey bark.
White flowers, five petals, 25mm across.
Although this is a tree it is in a fairly dark, confined area so possibly it is normally more shrub-like.

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Whereabouts is this tree?

I live in Bournemouth and I'm now intrigued to see it. Despite very good knowledge of ornamentals I was unable to initially identify this. Instead I reshuffled my brain and thought "go on Google, say what you see". So I typed in "evergreen tree serrated leaves white flower" and saw something close enough to it on the resulting images. Knew the name Hoheria but can't remember encountering it in flower before.

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Tree location

Thanks for the suggestion - I will see what I can find elsewhere. The tree is in the Upper Gardens. Take the south path from Prince of Wales Road and head east. The tree is close to the path opposite some private steps and before you get to the bridge to the water tower. Approx grid reference is SZ07459174. I think the tree has only just come into flower.

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Found it

Had to walk into town this morning so went via the gardens - though I will have to pop back later this week when it's not lashing it down! I'm now leaning towards H.angustifolia :