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Andean Goose

Observed: 25th July 2009 By: jetoscjetosc’s reputation in Birds
UAndean Goose
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Not at all sure

Looks similar to a Mallard having looked online, but not at all sure??

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not a duckling

Difficult one this, looking at the bill it looks more like a gosling, but what species I don't know. Perhaps some exotic species? What birds where near by?

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I wonder if could be an egyptian gosling?

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Egyptian Goose, Shelduck and

Egyptian Goose, Shelduck and Ruddy Shelduck all seem to have downy young with a lot of white, but none seem to match the pattern of brown and white of this photo. I don't know how variable the pattern is.

Were there any adult ducks of geese in the area where the picture was taken?


Oops, I just realised that the picture is two years old.

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No other birds around. It was on its own, not a sight of any adult size bird.

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What about Andean Goose? WWT at Washington had goslings in 2008 and the photo's look very much like this.

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Spot on!

Great, Cazza. I think you've cracked it. Check out this image on Flickr.

I was going through "Birds of the Western Palearctic" looking for a match, but you don't get many Andean Geese in Europe!

I've just looked at Google Earth and Wrightington is less than 7 miles from the WWT at Martin Mere, as the Andean Goose flies.

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Thanks Mike, I wasn't sure about the location but thought these two areas were quite close. Glad you could confirm it.

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Sorry I'm VERY late to

Sorry I'm VERY late to respond. It is, given the information provided by you, an Andean Goose, (well gosling)!

Many thanks to you all!