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Weird liverwort(?)

Observed: 27th January 2010 By: adambates
OPAL Community Scientist
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There are large patches of what I assume is a liverwort on platform 2 of Lichfield Trent Valley railway station (around the direction sign for Glasgow). It seems to have bizarre looking 'hooded' fruiting bodies (?).


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As Mike suggests in his

As Mike suggests in his identification its a lichen rather than a liverwort - a Peltigera sp.

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I saw a species of Peltigera

I saw a species of Peltigera and like you was fazed by it - it looks so unusual. You can see my observation at:

Mine turned out to be P.didactyla, thanks to patlichens for the ID. Yours looks a bit different to mine, so I am not suggesting it is the same species.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Thanks. I would never have looked at it and in a million years thought lichen! It doesn't really look like a liverwort either, but that was my best guess. These dog lichens must grow at an incredible rate to be able to happily compete with grasses, mosses and forbs!?

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Observation moved from ‘other

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