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Observed: 19th March 2009 By: squirrelsquirrel’s reputation in Birdssquirrel’s reputation in Birdssquirrel’s reputation in Birds
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not best angle to id, pic taken last year


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any further details. time of year size of bird, surrounding environment

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Poss Common Nightingale

Not sure with this view but it could be a Nightingale. The tail shape seems to suggest some sort of thrush. Nightingales can look very plain when on a perch. Best I can do sorry!

Just go out there and do it!!!

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pic taken last march, coastal

pic taken last march, coastal area, lots of migrating birds coming in around at that time i remember, size i think some where in between a starling and a sparrow i guess.


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I might have guessed at

I might have guessed at Garden Warbler on first viewing, although I can't find any supporting evidence for this! Definite Little Brown Job!

Rob Coleman

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My first impression was Garden Warbler

It could be a Garden Warbler, but there is no way to be sure from the photo. If it is, the date given for the observation (March 19th) is very early - typically the only warblers around by this date are Chiffchaff and Blackcaps.

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mystery bird

How about a robin?

Bob Ford