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Beetle in house

Observed: 22nd June 2009 By: Petra

We see these beetles running across our carpets on most days. I have never found a 'nest' if beetles have such a thing. We are surrounded by arable fields which have been planted with wheat for the last two years. We do see them throughout the year although they are more prevalent in the summer. I have never seen them flying, just scurrying across the floor. What is it? and can I control them humanely? They obviously don't cause us harm but I do prefer my wildlife outdoors! This picture is taken from the internet, just when I wanted to take a picture of the real thing they have gone into hiding!


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Hi Petra The picture you have

Hi Petra

The picture you have posted looks like the Churchyard Beetle (Blaps mucronata) but the ones in your house are unlikely to be that. Your beetles are more likely to be Ground Beetles - I get them in my house quite a lot too. They're not likely to be doing much harm - I just pick em up and put em outside!

all best


Rob Coleman

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Yes the night after I posted

Yes the night after I posted this I saw another one scurry across the floor! Will try and photograph one next time. If I put them outside wont they just come back in again?! I guess I'm just going to have to live with them. Our house isn't very wildlife proof we get toads and newts regularly walking through - I think we're on some kind of ley line for amphibia!

Petra Carpenter (PhD in badger mating systems)

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If you can get a pic I'll try

If you can get a pic I'll try and provide a better ID. We're getting invasions of baby frogs too at the moment!

Rob Coleman

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same as me I think

Hi I also live in the countryside and at this time of year and for about a month before every night when it gets dark we get anything upto a dozen of the beetles,I think there ground beetles varying in size from half inch to a whopping an inch and a quarter.I dont think they do any harm but when I go into the lobby and kitchen in the dark they do make me jump sometimes.Is there any way I can stop them coming in at all.I have 2 photos I have uploaded,sorry not sure how to put them with this text..does anyone know for sure they are ground beetles. thank you...Allan

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There are two options for showing your photos:
1. Find your photos by going to My Spot (from link at top-right) and choosing "Images" - click on the photo you want, and then copy the URL (web-page address) from the address bar in your browser, then paste that web address into your comment here. I think this might be the one you meant:

(which does indeed look like a ground beetle)

2. Set up an observation of your own, using the Add an Observation link on the right, and then you should see your photos ready to attach to the observation in the usual way.

Wish I had ground beetles in my house!

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Hello Martin thanks for the upload advice,why would you want ground beetles in your house..we get a dozen or so at once I never harm them we just pick them up and put them outside,I would like to know if there were a chemical barrier I could put down without harming them....thanks ..Allan

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Sorry, I was being a bit flippant, it's just that being interested in insects I'm quite happy to encounter harmless species such as ground beetles in my house (and it's possible that ground beetles, most of which are predators of other insects, might be preying on other insects that I'd be less keen to have inside).

I'm afraid I don't know of any chemicals you could use to deter them. Oils containing citronella deter some insects, but don't kow whether they'd work with ground beetles, which are generally robust creatures.

Intriguing that you get so many, can't think of a good reason why that should be.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Thank you Martin,we live in

Thank you Martin,we live in the country side and often see our little friends scurrying accross from one side of the lane to the other but that is during the day and ours come out after dark.I moved a container in our garage the other day and there must have been ten living under it,brings me to the question they have nests,incidentley the garge is quite away from the house...thank ...Allan

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Ground beetles don't form

Ground beetles don't form communal 'nests' as such, but do tend to aggregate during the day when they are not active before setting off on their own at night. They don't always return to aggregate in the same spot.

There are lots around at the moment - adult beetles tend to emerge in the late summer to breed in the autumn - (they will overwinter too but generally become less active over the colder months).

We tend to see lots in our house this time of year too. I've been living there for a number of years and I don't beleive they cause any damage. Our old house is a just a super-sized stone to live under from a beetle perspective!

Rob Coleman

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Allen, When I lived abroad in

Allen, When I lived abroad in a very hot climate the natural world living in my flat was a day to day occurrence, sometimes good sometimes bad. I used to put large chalk lines round all of the shelves, where I keep dry food to stop the ants, this appeared to work. But I had to do it every week or so. All the shops stocked chalk and I was told this is what people did. I also put lots of chalk round the sinks and openings/overflows to try and stop the cockroaches!


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Beetle in house

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