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Male Cuckoo Bumblebee?

Observed: 11th July 2011 By: Million_MomentsMillion_Moments’s reputation in InvertebratesMillion_Moments’s reputation in InvertebratesMillion_Moments’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Given the legs I think this might be a male cuckoo bumblebee, but I don't know what species. My friend took these pictures.

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Cuckoo bumblebee

Not Bombus terrestris. It is a cuckoo bumblebee, as none of the 'social' bumblebee species have those yellow side flashes between the white tail and the rest of the abdomen. Likely to be either Bombus vestalis (southern cuckoo bee) or Bombus bohemicus (gypsy cuckoo bee). The yellow side flashes in the former tend to be stronger, but can fade.