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Unidentified Fungi Observation (UFO)

Observed: 1st November 2009 By: Blewit Boy
Cardiff Naturalists' Society
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growing in a mixed species copse. any help would be appreciated.


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Volvariella bombycina

Looks like this but photograph is dull and too distant for a proper confirmation

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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I can see what you are

I can see what you are getting at with the Volvariella but that species has crowded gills and a distinct volva whereas the photo has neither (the volvas could be hidden but they are usually quite distinct and readily visible in Volvariella). I can't suggest anything else at the moment though.

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Hmmm... the few possibilities I came up with also had crowded gills. Any chance it's a white form of something that's usually a different colour? - I don't like to leap straight in with the 'aberrant specimen' answer, but this one does make me wonder.

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they were.........

they were pretty small. cap approx. 2cm diameter, stem probably 4cm. might that help id?


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I wonder if its possible to

I wonder if its possible to guess the spore colour as this usually is a good start. There are hints that it might be dark from one or two places on the gills and possible hint of a cortina with dark spores on the stem but this is really clutching at straws. also initially thought it might have pink spores as there is a hint of pink in the gills but again not fully convincing.
I wonder if there are any Agaricus sp. that don't have a ring and are this small? but again they will probably have crowded gills. have you tried the online mushroom identifier where you can select the various characters?

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thanks mike for your suggestions. I agree with you about the pink spores. There definitely look like smudges of this on one of the caps (2nd photo left cap). And the gills do have a distinctly pink tint. I don't know the mushroom identifier website to which you refer, but could you possibly post a link so I can check it out?