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Xanthoria parietina found on Cotoneaster horizontalis and house roof

Observed: 26th January 2010 By: Grace Mansbridge
Algae 2

A large amount of lichen now covering Cotoneaster in public gardens and on roof of building


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Species with which Common Orange Lichen (Xanthoria parietina) interacts


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If by 'Leafy Xanthoria' you

If by 'Leafy Xanthoria' you mean Xanthoria parietina you're right with your ID

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Thankyou Jenny

Leafy Xanthoria was as close as I could get to the full identification. Having used your suggestion of Xanthoria parietina, I can see that this is indeed what I've observed.

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Its a shame the Opal Lichen

Its a shame the Opal Lichen Guide doesn't give the full scientific name for the lichens it shows!