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Observed: 28th May 2011 By: Peter PearsonPeter Pearson’s reputation in PlantsPeter Pearson’s reputation in PlantsPeter Pearson’s reputation in Plants
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Thisle (sp) seen on edge of footpath observed over a period of time. The deformed flower head grew to the extent that the plant collapsed under the weight of the growth. Any ideas please as to the cause.


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Frost damage

Do you remember if there was a late frost in the area?
Also try for a gourd. Have a look on a specialist site for thistle gourds.
After the seed is ripe remove it and have a look inside the flower base and see if there are burrows in the heavy part of it.


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Thistle (new photographs added to the original report)

They show the mature head with a mass of seeds, the stem which consisted of 5 or 6 stems fused together to make a flatten tape like structure and the cross section of one stem. The cross section looks hollow with a pith like substance through the centre but no apparent invasion by grbs or aphids.

The frost suggestion by Refugee was interesting in that similar deformities have been noted on euynonamus plants exposed to the frost in the garden. It has also be seen on forsythia. In common with mostt of the country we did experience late frosts this year.