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Wild oats

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On the bank of the canal

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Have you been sowing -

wild oats? ;-)

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That's for me to know. Is

That's for me to know. Is This what they are-Oats?

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Wild Oats

yes Wild Oats.

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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Wild Oats -

I meant to add a note - if you aren't familiar with this species. Wild oats are not the same as the cultivated species (A. sativa). A fatua is the commonest of several wild species.
In the late sixties (when I last had any involvement in agriculture), wild oat was seen as a very serious problem, as it was so similar to cultivated cereals that it couldn't be controlled by herbicides, which were becoming widely used to eradicate most other arable weeds.
The herbicides largely replaced manual labour, but I remember seeing the same chap every year, a vagrant who made himself a few quid by hand-roguing the wild oats out of large acreages of cereals near where I lived. Once the harvest started, he disappeared for another year.