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Skye dragonfly id

I just posted an observation about which I am unsure. It looks like a broad-bodied chaser - but are these recorded on Skye?





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Libellula depressa, the

Libellula depressa, the Broad-bodied Chaser, is not known from anywhere N of the Forth, Howard. You can easily discover the *reported* distribution of any species at, and type the English or Latin name in the search box. Note that absence of dots does not necessarily mean absence of the species - with many poorly-studied groups it just means no-one has recorded it on the Gateway. Dragonflies are pretty reliable, though.



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Skye Dragonflies


To my knowledge we don't have any of the broad bodied chaser but check out Keeled Skimmer Orthetrum coerulescens as this is an infrequent species found locally to Skye and the north west. If you have a picture and are absolutely certain that that is what it was then please send the record to the Scottish Dragonfly Recorder, Pat Batty, her contact details on the British Dragonfly Society website.