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Observed: 10th July 2011 By: wolvobirder
Black Country and Staffordshire Naturalists
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Evening Primrose species. Field notes below.
- 148cm tall
- leaves at base 20cm long
- (withered) petals 23mm long
- Sepals mostly green, although some developing sepals are vaguely tinged red
- red base to hairs on stem and seed capsules
- the stamen look slightly longer than the style, but again the flowers are all withered.
- the longest seed capsule I could find was 25mm long. It was thicker in the lower middle/middle section and was hairy.

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Could anyone put a specific name to this specimen? I couldn't find it in Collins Flower guide. It was closest to Oenothera x fallax but the sepals are predominantly green with only one or two developing flowers with the faintest tinge of red.

Thanks, John Griffiths