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Willow Warbler

Observed: 10th July 2011 By: ophrys
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Willow Warbler 4 a
Willow Warbler 4 a 1

An adult female, well into its post-breeding moult. The whole tail is regrowing and the main primary wing feathers are variously old still, or in pin, or almost fully grown, new feathers.
Adults at this time can look very scruffy indeed!

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Interesting to see close up

Interesting to see close up pic and compare with your chiff chaff. Is it possible there has been an increase in the willow warbler population? I have never seen so many around Argyll. They seem to have been the commonest bird this summer on every walk. A pair nested in the garden for the first time and reared three healthy chicks.

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In general, the Willow Warbler population has been in decline for some time. Certainly, in Southern England numbers have been in severe decline, while in Scotland numbers have been relatively stable. I have heard talk of the population shifting northwards, in response to climate change?
Hopefully, if you are seeing large numbers, they have had a good breeding season where you are. I am not so sure, locally to me...I am not ringing much in the way of juveniles at the moment.That may be to do with heavy rains at fledging time. Not sure...too early to say!


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plenty of willow warbler

plenty of willow warbler fledglings peeking out from just about every bush and tree round here so at least they've had a reasonable season in one part on the country.