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Unknown ladybird

Observed: 3rd July 2011 By: Stuart1960
Unknown ladybird

about 5mms in length

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Adalia bipunctata

This is I think the 2-Spot ,not the typical form but a Melanic form Here

A small ladybird It can most easily be confused with the Kidney Spot which has more of a flange .

On the image there is a halo and I can not see the shoulder colour - usually on the Harlequinns there are additional red marks as in the link above toward the base of the abdomen

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This is a Harlequin - on 2-spot form quadrimaculata, the front red elytral spots are squarish and touch the front and sides of the elytra. Here the spots are roundish and don't touch the edges of the elytra, which is characteristic of Harlequins. Additionally, this individual has slightly flanged edges to the elytra, which is relatively frequent in Harlequins but not in 2-spot

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