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Primula vulgaris (Primrose)

Observed: 24th January 2010 By: Norwichnaturalist
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Early flowers along London Road

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I saw some of these at the

I saw some of these at the weekend too but the leaves were only just coming through in a wood near milton kenynes

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Definitely vulgaris?

The picture doesn't really look like 100% for Primrose - the leaves are very rounded with what looks like a smooth edge, i.e. not the small toothed edge of Primrose. I know Primroses can vary in shade, but the colour here is very pale indeed. The flowers show signs of being semi-doubles and it looks like a bud very close, just behind the front flower - was this on a seperate stalk? There are lots of Primrose-like hybrids sold in the nursery trade which can "pollute" the real thing.

Robert Homan

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...and it is quite early for

...and it is quite early for native Primula vulgaris. It is probalby safest to ID this as Primula sp.

New Flora of the Isle of Man

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Primula spp.

I agree. Certainly not P. vulgaris and thus a cultivar of some description. But not P x polyanthus. The site name says London Road. Perhaps planted?

Chris Metherell
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North Northumberland