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Sth weald (15)

Observed: 3rd July 2011 By: lr2652
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sth weald (15)
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I have seen wild Roe deer here on many occasions but very difficult to get pictures of but have found the shiney oval shaped droppings they leave.

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Deer droppings

When the droppings stick together in summer like this they often loose any degree of characteristic shape and it is size which indicates species.

In the left picture one of the droppings has a large concave dimple which is more indicative of a male red or fallow deer than roe. Roe deer droppings can have dimples but they are not usually so pronounced. However, as they are caused by the way the animal squeezes . . . I'll leave the rest to your own imaginations!

Hence, it is probably roe unless there are red or fallow in the area.

Graham Banwell

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