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Lichen 1

Observed: 8th July 2011 By: vl527
Lichen 1

Encrusting "crusty" lichen, green thallus, yellow/green apothecia


No identification made yet.

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I am afraid I don't have a name for this. There are a huge number of crustose lichens and it may well be a species I don't know, or one that cannot/should not be named from photographs.

However, for a chance of identification, especially of crustose species, photographs have to be high definition to show the often minute surface features on which identification depends, and I am afraid this photograph doesn't have that definition. Focus must be pin sharp and there must be absolutely no camera movement. Sorry.


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Lecanora polytropa ??

It occurs to me that this could be Lecanora polytropa, which can fit "green thallus, yellow/green apothecia", and is common on nutrient-poor rocks. But this can be no more than a guess, imo.