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Lasallia pustulata

Observed: 10th October 2008 By: DioctriaDioctria’s reputation in Fungi and LichensDioctria’s reputation in Fungi and LichensDioctria’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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On acid rocks at Bradgate Park, Charnwood, Leics. Quite a bit of this lichen about.


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The photographs look right

The photographs look right for Lasallia pustulata but its a lichen that I'm only familiar with from coastal rocks on the SW tip of Ireland.

The small, probably out-of-date map in Dobson shows its UK distribution as being predominantly western - I've no knowledge of the area where you photographed it.
Might be worth contacting the county recorder?

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Thanks Jenny. I was a little

Thanks Jenny. I was a little worried when I read the descriptions of its distribution but looking at the NBN maps there are three dots in the Midlands that, drilling in to the Leicestershire vice county map, coincide perfectly with the Charnwood area. So it is definitely known from the area.

My photos do look rather different to most I have seen on-line, much darker apart from the very centre. Could that be a dried-up state?


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The old Charnwood Forest area of Leicestershire has a history of plant records that suggest it should be much futher north or west or reach a higher altitude. I am not surprised to Lasallia as another species with a Leics distributional outlier.

Yes, it does often blacken around the margins. (See my website for wet/dry comparisons).


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Indeed, Charnwood Forest is a

Indeed, Charnwood Forest is a fascinating area.

I did look at the images on your site but was still slightly worried by the much more extensive darkening on all the specimens I photographed. With yours and Jenny's agreements however, my mind is at rest!