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Tightly curled hazel leaf containing what?

Observed: 8th July 2011 By: Kenneth Wilson
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A tightly and neatly curled hazel leaf where the roll has started at one side of the leaf, through the tip, then back to the stalk, turning the edge inwards. Size about 25mm long, diameter about 8mm. Not crumpled but neatly rolled. No obvious entry into the roll at either end, no signs of webbing. Solidly rolled like a cigar. Leaf still green. On north facing side of hedge about 1 metre high with further 1.5 metres above on projecting tip of branch. No others found. The two insects were seen on leaves nearby.

Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Hazel Leaf-Roller Weevil (Apoderus coryli) interacts


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The other insects are

The other insects are unrelated to the main observation and should ideally be separate observations (although I understand why you posted them here!) The bottom left pic is Calocoris stysi, and the bottom right is a parasitic wasp, although I wouldn't like to say which!

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