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Crow's nest

Observed: 25th January 2010 By: Anna
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Possibly Rook

The context you describe could well apply to a Rook colony. Carrion Crows are pretty territorial at their nest sites and probably would not tolerate other pairs nearby.

Robert Homan

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crows v rooks

Your statement "flocks of carrion crows" does make it sound like there might be a rookery here. Crows will flock if there is a particular abundance of food in a location but generally they will chase off a third bird. Rooks always go round in flocks.

The 2 are not that easy to separate at a distance but if you can get close to one look for the long, pointed, light grey bill of a rook as opposed to the shorter, black bill of a crow.

Bob Ford