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Kidney spot ladybird

Observed: 13th October 2009 By: leanne_daniels
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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ladybird black red spots

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Which ladybird?

Hi Leanne,

Just wondering which species you mean here. Harmonia axyridis f. conspicua is a form of the Harlequin Ladybird, while the Kidney-spot Ladybird is a different species, Chilocorus renipustulatus. Harmonia is larger with a black & white pronotum and orangey legs, Chilocorus has an all black pronotum and dark legs.

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Difficult to say

I agree with the comments above - the op calls it two different species, and it's very difficult to say with a photo this blurred. However, there definitely seems to be a pair of white flashes from the pronotum area which would seem rule out the Kidney-Spot in favour of the Harlequin. Additionally, the red spots don't look quite right for Kidney-Spot, and many Harlequins are already up and about for the year, whereas Kidney-Spot is a relatively late starter and unlikely to be about this early in the year.

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I would agree with the above

I would agree with the above in that Harlequin (conspicua) most likely, but impossible to say from the pic. Confusingly, the Kidney Spot Ladybird (Chilcorus)'s spots are not always very kidney-shaped!

Rob Coleman

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Kidney-Spot's spots are

Kidney-Spot's spots are frequently not kidney-shaped, but the head is sufficiently tucked under the pronotum and elytra that it would not be visible from this angle (but is in the photo), and the white sides to the pronotum are also visible here, which Kidney-Spot doesn't have. Additionally, the elytra of Kidney-Spot flare out to form a marked lip, which is not visible here. I would be very confident that this is a Harlequin

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