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Help identifying ducks please

Observed: 12th January 2010 By: leanne_daniels
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Possible a ruddy duck and mate ???

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Both look like 'call ducks'

Both of these look like a domestic breed of Mallard known as 'call ducks'(more specifically they may be classed as the 'apricot' colour form of this breed) - males retain the colours of wild Mallards.
Both show the very short bill and rounded head that is typical of this breed, which also tends to be quite small in size and often very vocal.

If you type "Manky Mallards" into a search engine you will find more on Mallard breeds from 10000birds.com

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manky mallards

The top one looks like a normal drake mallard to me and the bottom one a "call duck" mallard, due to its dumpy shape and white colour.

Bob Ford

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You may be correct, but...

The drake at the top of the picture may be a normal drake. I still think that it looks like a drake "call duck" though because, even allowing for the angle from which the photo has been taken, the bill still looks unusually short to me, and the proportions of the bird look wrong for a normal bird.