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Marine animal or eggs?

Observed: 7th April 2011 By: jawilk
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Red Ribbon Worm

Maybe Katy, they should have hatched by now! I think though they are eggs of a marine worm.
Go here http://www.ispotnature.org/node/321807 and see that there are a number of possibilities.
But I have moved on in experience since then and extended my library too.
So I have posted them as Red Ribbon Worm (Lineus ruber) as it's time this post had a more expansive ID.
There is still a shortage of material
http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=macrobenthos... "Reproduces from January to May, laying gelatinous eggstrings which may commonly be found adhering to the underside of rocks and boulders." >>a picture here<<
And >>Two Pictures<<here
I am much more certain that I was a few months ago.