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Smooth Newt

Observed: 19th June 2011 By: lalows
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Good photos

Nice to see such clear pictures so it's possible to identify this newt accurately.

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Is every body sure?

I had this down as my first local Palmate but our County Recorder tells me its a Smooth. Other than the chin is there anything to suggest why it is a Palmate?



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The relatively narrow orange

The relatively narrow orange area on the belly is an indication that it is palmate newt, this is generally wider on a smooth newt. You do get smooth newts with unspotted throats, but not with this translucent or pink base colour. Also, when smooth newts do have unspotted chins they tend to be quite pale animals, whereas this one is pretty dark.

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Out of interest, why does the

Out of interest, why does the recorder think it is a smooth newt?