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Egg & caterpillar on lady's bedstraw

Observed: 7th July 2011 By: MeleMele’s reputation in InvertebratesMele’s reputation in Invertebrates
Egg on lady's bedstraw
Egg on lady's bedstraw 1

Beautiful white moth (?) egg on lady's bedstraw. Tiny (really tiny) caterpillar observed on another plant. 2 hummingbird hawkmoth butterflies seen ovipositing in same area at same time. Have seen HBHM eggs before but they were freshly laid and green. Pardon quality of shots, my camera can't really cope with things this small. The bedstraw plants were very small, say, 5cm long at most.

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Also the Broad-bordered Bee

Also the Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth (Hemaris fuciformisuses) caterpillar uses Bedstraw as a food plant. And this species is recorded in your area.


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So the moths may not have been HBHM? They were moving so incredibly fast I didn't get a good sight of them....thanks for thought.

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Hi Mele, HBHM also use

Hi Mele,
HBHM also use Bedstraw as a food plant, so it could have been. Both are day flying. Was just another thought for the eggs.


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Hi Rose

Thanks. Yes, seen HBHM ovipositing on LBS in Kent this year. Mel

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When I've bred HBH the egg

When I've bred HBH the egg has been green all the way from laying to hatching, and also isn't ribbed as this one is - from photos, the bee hawks seem to be similar, and in particular smooth, unlike this one. I'd be relatively confident that it's not any of those three - the ribbing looks rather Noctuid-y to me, and DBIF lists several other moths which feed on Galium verum

Record your ladybird sightings!

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Thanks rimo

I found another 4 eggs like this on plants in the same area. LBS is a very popular plant. Mel