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Filamentous algae

Observed: 7th July 2011 By: sd9242
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Blanket weed filamentous algae (Cladophora sps)
Blanket weed filamentous algae (Cladophora sps) 1

I had suggested an identification of Blanket weed (Cladophora sps)based on research in books I have. Following no agreements I have taken another look to no avail, I would appreciate any help on this one.

    Likely ID
    Blanket weed (Cladophora sps)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Certainly a filamentous green

Certainly a filamentous green alga, but what makes it Cladophora?

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That yellowy look and the

That yellowy look and the clumps is very typical of Cladophora. And if it's rough to the touch ...