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A moth, or is it?

Observed: 24th June 2009 By: Gem

We found this bright yellow butterfly or moth on the ceiling of our office. Does anybody know what it is?

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A bit of info about the Swallow-tailed moth

Hi Gem,

Its such as distinctive moth the swallow-tailed moth, so Rob is spot on with his identification.
Just a bit of information about the moth for you; it is a resident in the U.K. and quite common. It over winters as a larva in a bark crevice. Larva late August-early June. Forms a lose cocoon on the food plant. Its food plants can blackthorn, hawthorn, Goat Willow and Black Currant also likes plants often avoided by generalist feeders such as Elder, Horse-chestnut, garden Privet, and ivy. Its habitat is woodland, scrub, hedgerows, parks and gardens. Frequent in urban centres, including ivy clad cemeteries (Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland P. Waring & M Townsend 2003).
Hope this is of interest.


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Swallow-tailed moth

A common moth, a regular visitor to our office in summer, as the gardens are full of ivy, which this moth loves to feed on.