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French bean beetle larva?

Observed: 6th July 2011 By: ChrisWentChrisWent’s reputation in Invertebrates
Mystery bug 3
Mystery bug 3 1

I found this insect on my french beans in my garden. It is quite small (3mm long) with 2 pairs of equal length legs, the front pair being much longer (about 1.5x the length of the other pairs). The abdomen is segmented and bristly, mainly black with dark yellow/orange patches. The thorax seems to have a dark brown carapace (which I guess means that it is not a larva at all...?). The head is hard to see being buried in the bean. It seems to be nibbling the bean, which is why I don't think it is a Homopteran. Perhaps it is preparing to pupate. It has not moved for about 12 hours.
I thought it was a beetle larva of some sort, mainly beause it is similar to a ladybird larva, and has biting mouthparts. However, might be an adult. I am intrigued, and would really like to know.

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