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Do you know what plant this

Do you know what plant this is? The feature shown is a leaf mine, probably dipterous, but without a little more information that is as far as it can go.

Robert Homan

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Yes I do I thought I'd put it

Yes I do

I thought I'd put it on but looks like it didn't take

It's a sow-thistle

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Thanks for the information, a

Thanks for the information, a very tough one

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I realise that the .authorities prefer 'atricornis' but the quote marks flaw the ID panel. I may return Rob to corrects this.
Before posting my own I visited every post of Chromatomyia 'atricornis' to see if I could learn more - I did. But like every good iSpotter I have returned to agree where possible.
So why not look at mine http://www.ispotnature.org/node/740413

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One of the best

Rob's ID is right - only that he's forced the ID, rather than use the drop-down. Unfortunate because a flawed ID panel is usually difficult to shake off and, until my modified ID is agreed to, this post will remain in the doldrums - no Other Obs and not appearing in Other Obs and certainly no Taxonomy links Panel.
We are correct with the use of atricornis because "Chromatomyia syngenesiae and Chromatomyia horticola mines are indistinguishable" Rob H. but see "British records of horticola and syngenesiae on Asteraceae hosts not based on examination of the genitalia of associated males are treated here as Chromatomyia 'atricornis' and may represent either horticola or syngenesiae.." http://www.ukflymines.co.uk/Flies/Chromatomyia_atricornis.php
I MUST say, however, that I have come to leaf mines only very recently and that the Record here with EXCELLENT pictures helped a lot in my education. iSpot is one of the best organism-databases for anyone wishing to get it right!