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Parmelina tiliacea

Observed: 10th October 2008 By: DioctriaDioctria’s reputation in Fungi and LichensDioctria’s reputation in Fungi and LichensDioctria’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

I had thought this might be Parmelia saxitilis but after comparing it to on-line images I'm not so sure! In open position on acid rocks amongst bracken in Charnwood, Leics. (I can probably find a larger version if required.)


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Large View

I've attached a view at 100%. I don't see (or rather recognise) any cilia but hopefully it will be useful anyway.


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Thanks for another correction

Thanks for another correction Alan, I think my lichen skills are getting a bit moth-balled!

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Sorry for misleading you with

Sorry for misleading you with a small image Jenny!

Point taken on image detail Alan. I have a few more from this site so I'll make sure I post them at full size.

Many thanks for the ID.


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My mistake!

Hi David, no need for an apology because I should have realised I was wrong from the 'jizz' of the original photo!

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New Photo

I've attached a third photo. Is this the same species with masses of isidia covering the centre of the thalli?