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Observed: 1st July 2011 By: khyde

Sorry for the terrible quality of this photo. I had a better one, but managed, like an idiot, to delete it. I found this on the floor of my house. It was alive, but only just. I think one of the cats must have got it. Its overall size was about 10cms (4 inches) across its legs.

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Crane Fly

Hi Keith

Looks like a crane fly (Tipula maxima)to me


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Tipula maxima

It looks like you're right. I've never seen a crane fly like that before. I've never seen a British insect that big before, either.

Thanks for your help.

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Yep...a big one! It is Britain's biggest true fly (Diptera). It is found near water, as the larvae live in the mud beside water, or in the very edges.


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We get lots in Rochdale.

We get lots in Rochdale. Various types. Only realised how many types and how interesting they are through Ispot. My daughter got some pics of of one actually emerging from its case.Amazing site to see. I think she posted them on here.