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Stag beetle

Observed: 18th October 2010 By: TonyH
stag beetle lava?

I find these in my compost heap. About 25-30 mm long, usually curled into a U shape. When unearthed, they squirm slowly back underground. I've seen conflicting advice on identifying stag beetle vs cockchafer lavae. We have both in this area. Usually a fair bit of woody stuff in the heap, so there might be something for stag beetles to chew on..

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I think this is Rose Chafer rather than Stag Beetle, but if you could post some more views of it, showing the whole body and if possible a close-up of the end of the abdomen (end-on view) that would help confirm it.

There's a useful guide here:

and see also Rose Chafer:

and Stag Beetle:

Given your location you could of course have both species in your garden (plus Lesser Stag and maybe even Noble Chafer!).

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