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Scaup like ducks

Observed: 23rd January 2010 By: RoyW
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Tufted Duck (white faced female)
Aythya hybrid

Two ducks that could be mistaken for Scaup by inexperienced and/or unwary observers.

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After posting a comment on

After posting a comment on this observation today I had the chance to photograph these two birds when I went out in the afternoon.
I also heard two reports of Scaup locally; one of 2 females which may turn out to be white-faced Tufted Duck, and one of a possible male seen distantly on local reservoirs - which is probably a genuine report of one seen by myself and others a few days ago.

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The one on the right does

The one on the right does look dome headed for female Scaup and the other is a drake tufted duck.

Tufted Ducks esp females do show some white at the base of the bill

Colin Jacobs.
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Compare with these two

Although the head does look fairly rounded from this angle, the righthand bird is a female Tufted Duck. The lefthand bird is not a pure male Tufted Duck, which would have a black back and (at this time of year) an obvious crest on the head. Compare with the birds in this observation;

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Probably male Tufted Duck x female Pochard.

Although this bird may be a Scaup x Tufted Duck hybrid, the parents are perhaps more likely to be a male Tufted Duck and a female Pochard, as this cross can produce male offspring that look very like this individual.