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Is this a Capricorn beetle

Observed: 15th June 2011 By: rsdesigner

A customer of mine found this in his gardens. Looking online it appears it may be a Capricorn beetle or Cerambyx which I understand are very rare. I would be grateful for opinions/confirmation.

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Swollen-thighed Capricorn size?

I have looked at descriptions and images of the Swollen thigh, size 6-11mm, metalic colour with wings that do not meet in the middle. The beetle in the image is about 25-30mm body length with no gap between the wings, dull green colour, could the swollen thigh fit these characteristics?
I have other images to show the scale but could only upload one on the original post.

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It's definitely not Oedemera

It's definitely not Oedemera - as you mention, it's quite different. This is Stenocorus - if you edit the observation to put it in the 'invertebrates' category, more insect specialists will see it. You should, in general, be able to add more than one photos to an observation

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