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Kestrel, Harrier or my old friend the buzzard?

Observed: 7th May 2011 By:’s reputation in Birds
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P1150088 1 2
P1150088 1 2 3

Not as big as a short toed eagle that we have in the area but definitely LARGE kestrel size.
NOTE the 4th photo is NOT the same bird as the first (3)

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Just added a 4th photo, not taken at the same time...

Any idea what the bottom bird in the 4th photo is? It was seeing off another bird of prey. Is this a kestrel???

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I would say that you are probably correct...the proportions look right. You are posing some teasers, though!


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Ophrys, If it's teasers you are after, I go crazy trying to identify butterflies...

... I think I have these under control (and at least they are not just silhouettes) but there's another batch waiting to be recognised. We get so many butterflies here.